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Arkaos GrandVJ 1.2.2

Arkaos GrandVJ 1.2.2
Arkaos GrandVJ 1.2.2 | 177.58 MB
GrandVJ is a live video performance tool that allows visual artists to trigger, mix and manipulate videoclips, animations or live cameras in order to run amazing video shows at clubs or other events. GrandVJ is an extremely potent application addressing the needs of novice and demanding VJs, as well as other people looking for a real-time video mixing and authoring tool. •Dual Synth / Mixer mode
•State of the art multi-threaded hardware accelerated graphical engine
•Real-time access to all mixing parameters
•Intuitive customizable user interface
•Full Midi / Keyboard mapping of all mixing parameters
•Multi-screen support
•Automated Video Generators
•High resolution output
•Upgraded Effects Library
•Support for a wide range of video/image formats: mov, avi, wmv, jpg, bmp, flv, ..
•Flash Text and Animations
•Multiple camera support
•Available on PC/Mac with cross-platform file compatibilit Download:

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